If you want to start your own business, the chances are that you are quite a “big ideas” kind of person.  

Whether you are creative, analytical, good with communication, a storyteller a performer or any other type of personality, if you want to start your own business and have the confidence to say yes, this might work and try it, it means you are a big ideas type of person. 

You need to have imagination and be able to see yourself in the future in a different place, you need vision.   Without vision there is no future goal to aim for, so this is really important. And often this isn’t the hardest bit. It’s fairly easy to come up with a vision of a better life, a vision for how you wish your life was.   The difficult bit is actually turning that vision into a reality.

(the lake opposite my flat)

It’s made even more difficult when we are fed overnight success stories, and images of people “making it big” all over the place. It’s easy to assume that we are so far behind and that our vision will never become a reality for us.

How could it when we are still working day by day and the life we are in doesn’t align with where we want to go.

I haven’t created everything I want into my reality.  My future vision is still way, way off where I am now. But what I try to do is make really small adjustments to how I go about things so that these adjustments will become turn into a different future. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight

Change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a slow process over time and is often not very easy for us to identify when it’s happening.

I will give an example from my own life to make the point, around 6 months ago I set a goal to improve my health, which meant for me losing a bit of weight and getting some of my muscle back.   

I hadn’t put on a massive amount, but had gone up to a size 12 from a size 8 – 10, this happened when I lived in Italy, the food was so good I just ate as much as I wanted, it was great but I put on weight and lost a lot of muscle that I had from practising yoga.

When I put on the weight I stopped practising yoga which meant I didn’t really have any form of exercise and it was getting worse.  So, I made a decision to focus on my health.   

I decided to take up running, instead of go back to yoga. I knew that the first thing that needed to happen was to lose some of the weight and running is a really great way to do that, plus it would get me outdoors more often! 

It’s easier & more fun with support

Once I made this decision, the first thing I did was join a running group, working with other people makes it a lot easier to get a goal completed. 

Especially when it’s a new goal because a new habit needs to be formed, and in the first months it is really tough to keep going towards your goal without other people working towards the same thing. 

So, for the first 3 months I was in this group and had encouragement to get into a running routine.  I went from not doing any excercise to running around twice a week. I started to lose some weight and enjoy the running, as time went on I kept it up and was able to become self motivated because I was proud of what I’d achieved.

Then I started running every other day and became even more motivated. And then I decided fairly recently to start running every day.  I’ve got back to a size 10 and am going to start my yoga practice again, so I reckon around Christmas time I’ll have got almost back to where I was. Or at least, I’ll have some of my muscle back and be able to get back to my yoga routine. 

If I miss several days of running now I start to miss it and want to go out again.  It’s now not something I have to convince myself to do because I’ve invested x amount of time into it and seen good results.

It’s easier to get motivated with views like this! Linlithgow canal, my running route

When I first started and was running twice a week, if I missed my running I missed an entire week.  Now if I miss it, I only miss out on a day or two. That’s a big difference in the results you get out the other end because it’s something you are committing to more often. 

The same strategy can be applied to any are of your life.  If you have a future vision of where you want to be, of something you want to bring into your life you can follow a similar plan.  

How to turn big ideas into reality

Step One: Outline specifically what it is you want to call into your reality

Remember, you have to prioritise here.  Only focus on introducing one new thing at a time, because otherwise it can become overwhelming and too much change and then nothing will change. If you take on too much then you also run the risk of going back to the start on old habits you’ve just introduced as well, so you become distracted and end up back in the same place. 

Also, when you outline what you want to call into your reality, make sure you know what the end goal is.  This is really important because if you don’t know what you are aiming for then you don’t know when you have achieved the goal. 

For example, I knew that I wanted to get back to a size 8 – 10 and get back a lot of the muscle I had before so I could enjoy my yoga routine.  I am not there yet, but I have progressed towards this end goal and can predict when it will be achieved: Christmas (more room for some mince pies!) 

Step Two: Find Support

If you are introducing a totally new habit into your life then you need to do it with others or you are much more likely to give up in the beginning.  Support can come in a number of ways, it could be you join a group and find other people that have the same goal as you in your area or online.  

You could find a coach or an accountability partner to help keep you on track.  Or you could ask your current friends and family if any of them have a similar goal and support one another. 

Step Three: Work towards your goal

An obvious one, but you have to take action at this point and priortise this new habit in your life.  I made space in my life for running. There were lots of occasions where I got up in the morning and wanted to go back to my old routine of starting work straight away.   

I have a habit, when I get excited about my work to just spend all my time doing it and have found that it leads to me having a pretty boring life and also it leads me to burn out and not enjoying my work anymore.

I get excited and want to implement all my ideas with my business straight away and so prioritise it before everything else in my life.  

So, for me, prioritising running in the morning was shifting myself to prioritise my own health and enjoyment outside of my work it was a big shift for me but it felt good.  So, recognise that you may need to make new choices for yourself, it might feel a bit weird at first.

There are a couple of pointers with this step, one is to reward yourself when you get it right.  Check in on your goal and track when you’ve actually taken action towards it. I write down on my calendar when I’ve been for a run, and I feel good when I can see my progress and my regularity picking up. 

On the other side, you also have to be kind to yourself when you fail. Because failure sometimes is inevitable, especially when you are trying to change habits, because it’s difficult to do.  

So, if you notice you’ve gone back to old ways then recognise it, be kind and then re-establish yourself as soon as possible.  Maybe there is some way you can take one small action that day to get yourself back on track? 

You will notice that the resistance will get worse as you have almost achieved your goal.  This is because you have almost made a new change and integrated the habit into your life. So, watch out for the resistance at the end and re-establish the routine again.

Finally, you’ll notice that I talked a lot hear about habits.  The reason is, the easiest way to make a real change in your life is to create a new habit.   This is how you can turn big ideas into reality. Big ideas need to be broken down into small actions, small actions which can be turned into new habits.

By creating these new habits in your life and then taking action on doing them day in day out your future will turn into the reality you envisioned for yourself. 

The question for you is, what new habit can you commit to forming in your life next? 

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