Wow, the trees outside are simply stunning at the moment. Autumn is my favourite time of year, I’d forgotten just how beautiful it is in the UK.  We are so lucky to have very distinct seasons, it helps us connect to nature because we can’t really run away from it.

As we come into the winter we see far more visibly than other countries that it is getting darker, that the trees are going yellow and red and orange and golden and that its time for us to slow down as well.

A couple of years ago I made it one of my goals to become more aware of the cycles in nature and to match my own energy with what's around me.   It sounds quite simple and quite obvious when you write it out like this, but this is a huge learning process and difficult to put into practice.  

I've been living in cities for over a decade now and when we live in cities we become disconnected from the natural rhythms of nature.  We spend a lot of time traveling in public transport, even underground if we are living in London and it becomes difficult to get a sense of us in connection to the outside world. 

We disconnect from ourselves and connect into the mainframe (artificial society) that is built up around us.  The work schedule we are given by someone else for example.

The timetable is given to us by our dance or yoga studio or wherever we go for exercise.  And if we have children, then the schedule they are given for school or nursery.

The goals we set often come from our head, they come from desires which are can be copies of what our friends say they want or what we think will look good to achieve.

Living away from the countryside, from trees, rivers, grasses, flowers, bees, birds, berries & more, disconnects us from all of these pointers & disconnects us from ourselves.  I know that winter is coming, that my energy is winding down because everything around me is winding down too. 

Autumn is the last expression before the hibernation.  Its that moment of wrapping up whilst feeling into the new year & what it has in store. 

Going deep, connecting with your creativity, with love, and with your heart and using this to guide new directions.  It's about planting seeds not about growing or directing energy full force into achieving new goals. 

Its a great time for creativity, for reflection, for checking in and seeing what is right for you and adjusting plans.  Autumn is an especially good time for just standing underneath at a tree star-struck by its beauty.

There is a beautiful golden tree up by the canal near my house (pictured below), every time I go for a run up there I see its leaves glistening and I simply cannot just run by it.  It is the most beautiful tree, with different shades of golden leaves set against a dark brown trunk which sets off the leaves even more. 

I have some photos from around this area that literally look like the savanna in Africa it is so glistening yellow and golden (pictured below).

The autumn in Scotland is also quite different from down south in England where my family lives.  The oak trees in the south are replaced by maple trees up here which gives it a more exotic feel to me. There is also a lot of willow here since there is a lot of water.

The sky is often more dramatic too, always changing so that each day there is something new to take in.


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