Can I quit my job?  Should I quit my job? What will happen if I quit my job? These are some questions you might be mulling over if you have gotten to the point in your career where you really don’t find any satisfaction in your job and want to move on.

If you are asking the question, can I quit my job, then the answer if really very simple.  Of course you can. In terms of legality, as long as you give in your notice and follow what you agreed in your contract then you can quit your job.

But the question you are probably asking more is Should I quit my job and what will happen if I quit my job. 

You might be thinking, am I just being silly and getting bored with a perfectly good job that is bringing me my current income.  Is this job going to get better if I stay? I could get a promotion and some more money if I stay and then learn another area which will keep my interest.  

And then, you might start thinking, but I am bored with this job, I know this is not right for me I can feel it and am I just ignoring myself and my needs because I am scared of leaving this job. 

You may also have some fears around leaving your job. Mostly about where your income is going to come from and if you can make it in another field. 

The reason I know all this is because I went through a similar thought pattern before I decided to quit my job.  This thought pattern went on for around a year before I finally decided to quit my job.

When I quit I didn’t really have a plan, I wanted to have some kind of stability so I agreed with a yoga retreat in Spain that I would come and offer some marketing advice in return for accommodation and some space to work out what to do next. 

How it worked out was, as soon as I gave my notice in I got an email from an ex colleuge asking me if I would do some freelancing work for him.  It was in the same area I’d been doing already in a previous job, blogger outreach, so I said yes. 

It seemed like a great opportunity to make a bit of cash on the side whilst I went on this haitus and tried to work out what to do next. 

Four years later and my freelancing business has grown.  I am still doing SEO & Copywriting and I am still trying to work out exactly what else I want to do instead of it. But during those four years, instead of working in an office in London trapped to a desk, I was able to move with my partner to Lisbon & Milan and explore different cultures whilst building up my freelancing business. 

I have been able to balance my freelancing with travel & spirituality, to learn a lot about different ways of living and to heal a lot of crap I had been carrying around which was blocking me from really getting to know who I was.

For me, freelancing has been a fantastic bridge.  I didn’t so much quit my job as transform it into a part time and more flexible job which allowed me to explore the world and who I am as well.

People also talk to me about quitting their job and saying it must be the hardest thing to do in the world.  That it is so scary. And yes, it is scary and challenging. But quitting your job isn’t the end its the beginning.  If you don’t know what you want to do next, but you just know that this isn’t right for you, there is going to need to be some self discovery in between.

The length of time it takes will vary for each person.  I have only just started to take steps towards my next career change and have decided I want to become a counsellor. I’m not sure if I will completly dedicate myself to this next career or mix it up between my freelancing & blogging as well. 

But I do know that my freelancing will be here for me on this journey towards this new career for as long as I need it and that is very comforting and makes me very proud that I made this decision to keep going with this bridging job. 

If you are asking the question Can I Quit my job, and finances are your major issue, then I believe freelancing can be a great bridge.  It does depend what your current career is of course! But most careers have the option to transform into contract and project based work if freelancing is not possible.

I think it is a really good place to start to kick off your journey and finding out what you truly want to do with your life. What will fulfill you & allow you to use your unique talents in the best way. 

I hope this has been of some help! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  Are you considering quitting your job and if so then do you think freelancing or project based work could be an option for you moving forwards? 

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